Is your route to success a clear path?

MENTOR n: 'a person who offers support and guidance to another; an experienced and trusted counsellor or friend;'

When you're sitting in the driving seat of your business, it's hard to see which is the right road to take for yourself.

How would you feel if you had a mentor enhancing clarity helping you?

We've been where you are now. Everyone in our team has run companies, small and large and everything in between. We've got the t-shirt and read the book — indeed we've probably contributed to a few chapters given the mistakes we've made.

We have all had mentors and believe passionately that mentoring, particularly when linked to good business coaching can rapidly transform the people we work with and the businesses they run. Now we want to help others benefit from our experience.

And if you are running a big department or business unit, don't think that this isn't for you. If you run a P & L, you will benefit from a having a close relationship with a good mentor.

Executive mentoring delivers a substantial ROI by bringing the business acumen of the mentor to bear on your business.

Someone objective to bounce ideas off, to give you some feedback and, perhaps, some suggestions for action can make a real difference. It's the difference between trying to read a crumpled map whilst driving up a busy road and programming your destination into the GPS and then knowing you're following the right route with a minimum of effort.

"The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them."
Albert Einstein

"All merit comes in daring the unequal, All glory comes from daring to begin."
Eugene F. Ware

How We Work

Enhancing Clarity Ltd is a commercial mentoring company.

We specialise in growing companies and helping company owners that want to exit at some point in the next 3 to 5 years — growth is critical to this process. Most of our clients have a turnover well in excess of £1m although we have worked with companies smaller than this, the smallest being around £350k. We work with you for one session per month and we ask for a commitment of 12 months; any less than this and the full benefits of working with us are unlikely to be realised.

To find more about how to get some clarity in your business and career, and how an executive mentor can help you please call 01442 794 795 or email us using the Contact Us form below.



Founded by Philip de Lisle in 2002, Enhancing Clarity provides mentoring and "thinking" services to corporates, SME's and owner managers.

This "thinking" includes, but is not limited to, strategy planning, facilitation, exit planning (both personal and corporate) and negotiation.


What Clients Say

Several of our clients have been kind enough to provide testimonials of what it is like to work with us.
DB, Flametree Communication Ltd

Our Enhancing Clarity mentor was a brilliant executive mentor/coach who provided the right balance of pragmatism in his approach to helping us unlock the potential in our business. His style and approach was not to give us an answer to a problem, but to challenge our thinking and make us really reflect on what we needed to do. We thoroughly enjoyed our conversations with him and always came away reflecting on new ideas and doing things differently.

NW, Every Interaction Ltd

Our time with our Enhancing Clarity mentor has been invaluable. He has helped to clarify and give context to all those business things that you know you should really know about but didn't know who to ask. He took us through some great exercises helping us to plan for growth as well as give us guidance on where to focus our efforts both internally and externally. We hope to work with him again in the future.

VJ, Risk Decisions Ltd

As a well established software company looking ahead to our next stage of growth, our Enhancing Clarity mentor provided a fantastic balance of support and thought-provoking remarks/observations; perfect for our needs; we felt that he was in tune with what we are trying to achieve. He quickly adapted to our level; we looked forward to every session and weren't disappointed. 100% of our time was well spent — a difficult challenge to achieve when dealing with already very busy people.

JS, Space Policy

Working with an Enhancing Clarity mentor was HUGELY helpful. The conversation went in a direction that I wasn't expecting at all, but he was spot-on in getting me to think about some very important things. Now I am making conscious and strategic decisions, instead of being swept along out of my own indecision and inertia. The word I would use is: empowered. I now feel empowered in this situation, whereas before I felt very passive.

KW, PointBeyond Ltd

Working with Enhancing Clarity has been a rewarding experience, one that pushed us and taught us a lot, and that ultimately allowed us to change the way we run our business. As a result of their mentoring and coaching, we now take a more strategic approach, take a step back more often, and are better able to identify where we can improve as we have new clarity in our thinking process.

DM, DIY Framing Ltd

Without good business support I would not be where I am now. I started the business on a shoestring and it had reached the limit of what it could do, so we needed to diversify. Now we have a strategy (for growth), we have streamlined systems and we are ready to develop the team so they can deliver on this. Our Enhancing Clarity mentor blew me out of the water. He got what I am doing straightaway. He totally understands it and started to clarify things for me. We have 13 people in the business and 4 subcontractors. We have detailed plans to have 30 FTE within a year. The business is going to grow significantly.



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